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Winchester, VA/Bedford,PA/Central,PA Engineered Opportunity.

.55CPM minimum, additional CPM if you cover Walmart(.65cpm) $15 stop pay minus the 1st and final.

The length of haul is around 300 miles.

There is work for 7 days a week if you want to cover.

Drive all hours of the day would be ideal

Customers…. These are the big 3 customers but could include others.

High Service, 100% on time is the expectation.


Home Depot Store Delivery out of Winchester, VA (M-F Deliveries)

Deliveries…  PA, Western, & Upstate NY


Wal-Mart Store delivery out of Bedford, PA (7 days a week deliveries)

Delivery’s…PA, MD, and Western & Upstate NY


Verso out of Bedford, PA or RSPA(7 days a week deliveries)

Delivery’s…PA, MD, and New Jersey



Great Hiring locations.

Winchester, VA market

Upstate/Western NY